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The Chinese Immigration Authorities Are Establishing Deportation Centers 中国国家移民管理机构正筹建遣返中心

For years, local police officials in the exit and entry departments of local public security authorities are responsible for the deportation of foreigners in China. But that has changed. National Immigration Administration (NIA), the national immigration agency of China, is establishing new entities called "deportation centers" to strengthen the enforcement of immigration law. This new move stands out because these "deportation centers" are dispatched agencies of the central government that answers directly to the NIA.


Currently the NIA is recruiting for teams of the deportation centers in five locations: Beijing, Changchun (presumably in Jiutai District), Guangzhou, Dongxing, and Ruili. It has a plan to further establish deportation centers in Langfang, Huangpi, Huadu, and Xinshi (presumably in Deqing, Zhejiang).


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