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Opinion: Be Prepared to See an Unprecedented Flow of Emigration from China 观点:史无前例的中国移民潮将到来

Given the most recent development in China, one should not be surprised to see an unprecedented flow of people emigrating from China in many of the residence/citizenship through investment programs around the world. The flow is delayed in part due to the Zero-Covid control measures in place, which made international travel and preparation of necessary immigration documents difficult. The high interest in emigration will manifest itself once Zero-Covid ends (the author assumes it has to end one day).

Predictions of practitioners in the investment immigration industry is the best indication: IMI Daily cited a news source, noting "China's Zero-Covid policy pushing people to emigrate abroad".

Most recently, the philosophy of "Run" (“润”) has picked up in China.

It will be a flow of not only people, but also capital. China's Foreign Exchange Reserves Dropped to Near Four-Year Low in September. Hong Kong's Linked Exchange Rate System, based on which the Hong Kong dollar is pegged in a tight ratio to the U.S. dollar, is under pressure. It may take years for the larger socioeconomic impact of emigration from China to fully emerge.

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