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[中国移民法半月动态2] 2021年3月16-31日 [China Immigration Law Semi-monthly Update 2] March 16-31, 2021

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

1 全国政协委员高彦明提议:提高来华留学生招生标准,不可滥竽充数 Member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee Gao Yanming Proposes: Raising the Admission Standards for International Students in China


Gao Yanming, Chairman of Hebei Ocean Shipping Company in Hebei Province and also a member of the National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) made a proposal titled "Proposal for Raising the Admission Standards for International Students in China," in the 2021 CPPCC National Conference. He proposed that "all international students coming to China voluntarily should meet the required credits for admission with the exception of those funded by foreign governments, who can have lower admission scores." "Chinese universities should strictly control the admission standards, strive to recruit high-level and high-quality international students to study in China, should not just fill up the numbers, and should not blindly pursue the number of enrolled students while ignoring the quality, so that the reputation of Chinese education and the equality of educational rights can be preserved. In addition, the scholarship policy for international students in China should be standardized and optimized."

2 港区人大代表王庭聪:加强选前资格审查 参选人应取消外国护照和BNO Deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) Wong Ting-Chung/Wang Tingcong Proposes to Strengthen Pre-election Qualification Review: Candidates should renounce their foreign passports and BNO



Wong Ting-Chung pointed out that in order to ensure that patriots rule Hong Kong, people with foreign nationalities and foreign residency rights must be excluded from the list of voters and prohibited from being candidates. Strict implementation of the relevant provisions of the Nationality Law and the Hong Kong National Security Law is the basic threshold to ensure that patriots rule Hong Kong. He suggested adding an item to the confirmation letter signed by the candidate stating that he does not have a foreign passport and BNO. If so, you must complete the procedures for canceling foreign passports and BNOs before participating in the election.


Editor's Comment: According to currently effective laws and regulations in Hong Kong, permanent residents who have foreign nationality or foreign residency can vote in elections. Nonetheless, the Basic Law and its Annexes provide that those who take certain high-level government positions (e.g. the Chief Executive) must not have foreign nationality or foreign residency.

3 国家移民管理局组建首届政策法律专家咨询委员会 China National Immigration Administration (NIA) Initiated Its First Term of Policy and Legal Experts Consulting Committee


China NIA established its first policy and legal experts advisory committee on March 30. The committee held its first plenary meeting on the same day and elected the chairman and deputy chairman according to its procedures. The NIA refers to the committee as a "high-level, professional, and auxiliary" consulting service organization. The first 29 members are from the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law, Communication University of China, People's Public Security University of China, the National Development and Reform Commission Academy of Macroeconomic Research and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions. They are all eminent experts and scholars in law, economics, political science, public administration, journalism and communication, sociology, ethnology and other fields.


/Zhuhai Gongbei Port Entry and Exit Hall, by

4 国家移民边检机关打击涉赌涉诈 依法拦阻337名嫌疑人员出境 China National Immigration and Border Inspection Agencies Cracked Down on Gambling & Fraud Related Crimes and Prevented 337 suspects from Leaving the Country in accordance with the Law


According to the NIA, recently at Shanghai Pudong, Chengdu Shuangliu, Zhengzhou Xinzheng, and other international airports, immigration and border inspection agencies have blocked 337 people suspected of going to Southeast Asian countries to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as gambling and telecommunications network fraud in the name of tourism. Some of them were transferred to the public security agencies to be handled in accordance with the law.

5 国家移民管理局6项便利老年人办理出入境证件新举措在广东逐步落实 Six New Measures of the NIA to Facilitate the Elderly to Apply for Entry and Exit Documents Are Gradually Implemented in Guangdong


The National Immigration Administration enacted 6 new measures to facilitate the elderly to apply for entry and exit documents on February 23, and the measures are scheduled to be implemented on April 1. These new measures include: establishing a "green channel" for the elderly to apply for permits; facilitating the elderly to use the self-service equipment for the permit; simplifying the photo collection process for the elderly who are over 60 years old (inclusive); providing a variety of payment methods for license fees; improving the online service experience of the elderly; initiating the government service platform certificate mailing service.


These measures have been gradually implemented in Guangdong. On the basis of the 6 measures above, the Exit-Entry Administration of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau introduced two additional measures to facilitate the application of certificates for the elderly: During the epidemic, under the premise of normal temperature, the elderly who cannot show their mobile health codes and travel cards may enter the reception hall and run their affairs after filling out the Health Questionnaire. In addition, Exit-Entry Administrations purchased reading glasses, magnifying glasses and other elderly products to facilitate the elderly applicants to fill in forms and read application guides.


Localities of the province have also actively introduced considerate services to facilitate the application of certificates for the elderly based on local conditions.

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